Smart Home support

Your Smart Home products and systems will be set up to run perfectly from the moment they are installed, left in full working order, covered by manufacturers guarantees, but we understand that you may require additional support or ongoing management of them. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of continuing support packages, designed to take care of the more delicate details if you don’t wish to.

Benefits of ongoing support

Your new Smart technology is software based and will continue to evolve. Manufacturers will release updates, bug fixes and upgrades to enhance features or to improve performance over time, and without installing these updates, you could be missing out on even greater functionality. Additionally, some products and systems may benefit from tweaks to keep them working optimally. Even changes in your lifestyle, or in the way you use your home could see a knock-on effect; rearranging your living room, for example, could affect the acoustics of your sound system, which could require a repositioning of your speakers.

Which support package do you need?

No two homes, and therefore, no two installations are the same. Each of our Smart Home setups is bespoke to you, planned and designed to meet your requirements. If you are unsure which support package is right for you, we are happy to advise you on what we would recommend for your home setup.

Support for systems we didn’t set up

Our support response service operates 24 hours, 365-days a year.  Furthermore, even if we were not the ones to set up your system, we are happy to offer our expertise should you need help. In this instance, we would generally advise an initial survey to assess the condition of your current Smart Home system, and may then recommend actions to bring it in line with industry best practice. After this, we will be able to subscribe you to any of the packages we offer for our installations:

Integrating your systems can truly revolutionise the way you live. Whether you are looking to build a fully-functioning Smart Home, or are simply looking to add a few functions to your existing home automation processes, our professional Smart Home consultants will be able to help you. Get in touch to find out more.

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