Smart Home Security & Safety Systems

Smart technology does more than just add an element of intrigue to your home – it offers powerful functionality that helps to secure and protect your property on both the inside and outside. Smart safety products range from traditional camera-based products boasting impressive security features, through to monitoring solutions that sync to your Smartphone to give you a real-time overview of what is happening when you are not present. It’s not just people that cause a threat to your safety though – Smart technology can also be used to detect unexpected activity or changes in your home environment, including smoke, leaks, carbon monoxide and more.

Find out more about the simple, cost-effective and fun ways that you can make your home more safe and secure:

  • Programme your shades to automatically open and expose any unexpected or unwanted visitors, or set them to close when you are not present to hide the contents of your property
  • Set your blinds and curtains to open and draw at the same time each day whether you are home or away, to give your property the appearance of being occupied
  • View your property in real time from your Smartphone or computer and receive a real-time alert whenever there is unexpected activity
  • Trigger certain actions such as sounding an alarm, automatically locking all entry points or raising all curtains and blinds to expose an intruder
  • Monitor and communicate with your baby and pets from a different room or a different location entirely!
  • Ensure that only those you want to enter your property can do so
  • Use advanced technology, including facial and fingerprint recognition, to control access to your property
  • Save on time and expense through coded access control systems that negate the need for multiple keys and inconvenient lock replacements
  • Log who entered your property, and when

Speak to one of our specialists to find out more about Smart security systems to keep your property secure and protected.