Smart lighting installation across Sussex, Surrey and London

We install Smart lighting throughout homes across Sussex, Surrey and London, to help automate the whole lighting process and compliment your interiors. You can have multiple circuits in any room, all controlled by a simple button, or even by using an ‘all off’ command.

Lighting is a key part of our homes. It’s what allows us to highlight an area of importance, or create certain moods based on our desires. The right lighting can help you relax, or wake you up. Unfortunately, not all homes are built to make the most of natural daylight, but with Smart lighting (also known as ‘intelligent lighting’) you can take back control of your home environment and accentuate the best features of your property.

Furthermore, Smart lighting brings with it some incredible environmental and cost-saving benefits. As a simple side-by-side comparison, intelligent lighting typically results in at least a 15% saving on your lighting bills.  In terms of Smart energy saving a standard lighting system just can’t compete.

Installing intelligent lighting

When installing intelligent lighting we analyse your space and speak to you about your needs. We pre-programme lighting paths to illuminate the most used areas as you enter the house and we can set up any area to be triggered by a sensor so that your lights only come on when needed – again helping you to run a more energy-efficient home.

Intelligent lighting features

  • Potential to save up to 15% on lighting bills
  • Sensors activate when a room is occupied
  • Reliable LED dimming
  • Easily change the mood of a room

Mood lighting and setting the tone

Cost and environmental benefits aside, intelligent lighting is a fantastic way to add a unique mood and a specific ambience to any part of your home.

The perfect lighting system will complement your furniture, decoration and the overall architecture of your property. Installing the best light fittings for your home, along with setting the best colour tones, can redefine your interiors and give your home a totally new look. This extends far beyond simply creating the desired ambience for a relaxing dinner party though, and mood changing functionality can be applied to a whole host of situations. You might want a ‘cleaning mode’ with bright white light to enable you to see what you’re doing. You could have an ‘eating mode’ in the dining area, with soft lighting to put you and your guests at ease. Do you have small children? (Or are you naturally clumsy…) A ‘stair mode’ could ensure that a light automatically switches on whenever someone approaches a staircase. Similarly, an ‘outside’ mode can be set for safety and extra security. (For further security measures, take a look at our entry systems.

By pre-programming your lighting functions, (we can help with this) you can save your favourite settings to access them instantly, or come on automatically. Contact us using the form below to find out more about how to install Smart lighting throughout your home.

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