Smart Home Energy Solutions

Smart living is not just exciting – it will reduce your energy spend and consumption too. With an ever-increasing range of Smart energy products available, there are solutions for homes and properties of all sizes to make their home more energy-efficient. Furthermore, most Smart energy systems require no major alterations to your property, meaning that they can be installed quickly and easily to see you reaping the cost – and environmental – benefits of an energy-efficient Smart Home right away.

Find out more about the simple, cost-effective and fun ways that you can make your home more energy-efficient:

  • Automatic timers can switch your lights on or off while you are on holiday, after sunset or when you go to bed
  • Reduce your bills – presence sensors can automatically turn off your lights when a room is not occupied for a set amount of time
  • Create the perfect ambiance – Smart lighting can be programmed to dim perfectly for set ‘zones’
  • Swap your current light bulbs for energy-efficient ones. Enjoy the same amount of light with bulbs that expend less energy and last much longer
  • Only heat your home when it’s occupied – Smart thermostats learn your routine and won’t heat an empty home
  • Heat different areas of your property according to their usage
  • Save money on your energy bills by only paying for what you use
  • Remotely control your home heating from your Smartphone or tablet
  • Programme your shades to automatically open as the sun comes up, and close as it goes down, to keep the natural heat in your home
  • Set your shades to draw based on the temperature of your room, to prevent heating your home when you don’t want to
  • Don’t get up to flick the light switch – we can programme your blinds to automatically open instead

To find out more about Smart energy solutions that will help make your home more energy-efficient please look around our website or get in touch.

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