Telephone & Intercoms

A well-planned telephone and intercom system can ‘speak’ to your other Smart devices, integrating with your home management solutions, home CCTV and home and entry systems, to offer even greater security features and opportunities for genuine Smart living.

IP phone systems/ VoIP

We can install cost-effective and easy-to-use IP phone systems (VoIP). These phones operate like a regular looking telephone but come with many additional benefits, including easy identification of callers, simple sharing of contact lists and integration with entry systems and home CCTV, for enhanced security.


At a simple level, a digital intercom system enables you to communicate with people in any room at the touch of a button. Aside from convenience though, an intercom system also offers extra functionality, such as silencing certain phones between specific hours, or monitoring a baby without entering the room and waking it up. From a security perspective, digital intercoms systems can be integrated with video entry systems to give you the added peace-of-mind when a visitor approaches your property.

What is a call attendant?

A call attendant (or auto attendant) acts as a digital receptionist, offering a verbal menu to prompt callers to select the appropriate extension to be transferred to. This ‘digital switchboard’ style of communication can save businesses huge amounts of money, while making the calling experience more straightforward for those dialling in too.

Digital and ‘Smart’ telecoms features

  • Reduce your call charges
  • Install multiple phone lines
  • Integration with door entry and CCTV cameras
  • More features than traditional analogue phones

To speak to one of our specialists about the best phone system for your home or business, or to discuss how your telephone and intercoms system can be integrated to your existing Smart Home products and systems to provide greater usability and superior connected living, please get in touch with us using the form below.

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