Home voice control

Sophisticated gadgets that let you communicate verbally with your home are now a fundamental part of any up-and-coming connected home. Featuring technology developed from the world’s leading brands, the most popular voice control assistants work alongside Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google’s offering, the Google Assistant, to deliver superb functionality that responds perfectly to your voice.

Voice activated Smart appliances

A Smart Home voice control assistant enables you to communicate with all your Smart Home products collectively, but there are several standalone voice controlled Smart Home products too.

Smart televisions feature voice activation that lets you tell your television to play, or record, a certain movie or programme, while voice activated lighting and heating enables you to change the conditions in your home from the comfort of your sofa. There’s even a voice-controlled vacuum cleaner available that can clean your home on your command!

Voice control assistants – what they can do

  • Ask questions and receive informative answers
  • Tell your television to record a movie
  • Switch off your morning alarm without having to open your eyes
  • Tell your lights to dim, or brighten
  • Tell you heating to switch on if you’re feeling chilly
  • Make hands-free phonecalls
  • Place an online shopping order
  • Find out what the weather is going to do

Advances in voice recognition software have led to a whole new era of connected products that can integrate even further with your Smart lifestyle, enabling you to control your home using nothing but voice commands.

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