Home automation design and installation

Smart Home products can make your home life simpler. To do this, they rely on home automation functionality, where technology and convenience join to enable you to automate everyday processes through your Smartphone or tablet, or through a centrally programmed Smart Home hub. At Smart Homes Company, our expert team have many years’ experience in setting up home automation products for homes throughout Sussex, Surrey and London. Take a look below to find out how smart home technology can benefit you and your home.

How does home automation work?

Smart Homes use sophisticated technologies to provide intelligent feedback and information gained through monitoring various aspects of your home.  This could include your heating, lighting, multimedia and security systems, as well as others.

By integrating the devices that you use regularly and automating your commonly used systems, you can control your home’s everyday functions quickly, easily and remotely.

Automating your home – some possibilities

  • Turn your heating on before you arrive home
  • Automatically switch your lights on and off at certain times of the day
  • Monito the air for carbon monoxide or smoke and be alerted to any issues
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners to clean the floors, so you don’t have to!
  • Link your television to online streaming services and enjoy it from any room of the house
  • Window shades and curtains that open and close remotely
  • Fridges that tell you when they are running out of food
  • Washing machines that know how much water to use, based on the weight of each load
  • Taps that turn themselves off before your sink or bath overflows
  • CCTV that allows you to speak to your baby and pets from anywhere in the world
  • Kettles that boil before you get to the kitchen
  • Music that streams around your entire home from multiple sources

Using your Smartphone to control your Smart Home

Smartphones are powerful computers that not only allow you to stay connected to other people, but enable you to stay connected to your own home. Most Smart Home solutions have well-designed apps that are suitable for multiple platforms, including Apple, Android and Windows. The ability to control your home through your phone means that you can literally make your home products work at the touch of a button and, moreover, you don’t even have to be present. Furthermore, we set up systems so that all of these individual apps can be operated under just the one app, making your Smart Home even easier to manage.

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