Smart Home Entertainment Systems

Smart technology boasts clever and impressive features, but alongside enhancing your living in practical, time-saving or safe ways, it also offers a myriad of fun, entertainment-focused possibilities. Smart Home entertainment systems take the activities you already love, and make them even more enjoyable. From Smart televisions to connected audio systems, there are products to aid your lifestyle whatever your interests – there’s even a Smart kettle that can help you time your next cup of tea perfectly for the end of a movie.

Find out more about the fun and exciting Smart entertainment products that you can enjoy in your own property:

  • Listen to different music in different rooms, or streamline your listening to follow you as you move throughout your property
  • Smart Homes Company uses Smart technology to position your speakers and sound system where they will provide the best acoustics for the ultimate listening experience.
  • Music subscription services mean that you will have instant access to thousands or sources across the globe
  • Locate all of your boxes via a central point to control all your viewing services – no more need for multiple boxes and wires!
  • Start watching a programme in one room and pick it up seamlessly from the next
  • Enjoy your Smart video viewing in an unlimited number of rooms. We can set this up in a straightforward and easy-top-operate manner
  • Create a dedicated room or space to get a movie-like theatrical experience in your own home.
  • Enhance your viewing experience through crystal-clear 4K and Ultra HD viewing
  • Enjoy unrivaled sound alongside impressive visuals, with 3D audio, DTSX and Dolby ATMOS

To find out more about how to enjoy any of our Smart entertainment products and solutions, or to arrange a demo or set your system up, please contact us.

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