New Build Villa – Corsica

We were asked to design a simple and reliable system for this client whose house we were also doing in Kensington.

The services:

The first step in this project was to install a fast and reliable WiFi internet connection. To do so we utilised the excellent Unifi by Ubiquiti system. This allows for a safe and secure network providing excellent speeds and in-built parental controls.

Every system we install is cabled for all the telephone and broadband points within the property to run to one central location, commonly called the ‘hub’. Bringing in the main telecoms and broadband service from the street to the same location, the cabling layout creates a full network for distribution across the premises. The Unifi platform is a managed WiFi system. This enables you to have multiple access points to ensure great connectivity at high speed throughout your entire property. With managed WiFi, you simply authorise the network once and then the system will ensure your mobile and smart devices are automatically connected to the correct access point, at any given time to ensure you do not suffer dropouts.

For the music, we chose the excellent Sonos system, coupled with ultra-discrete and great sounding Origin Acoustics ceiling speakers. The property comprises the main house as well as four linked but individual bungalows. Each room has its own Sonos player. There are also three external Sonos Zones, one of which has a DJ point and the facility to add an additional subwoofer when required, to give an authentic ‘nightclub’ sound for parties and events.

In the main house, the Sonos Amplifiers are located in the central communications room, but in the bungalows, they are situated in each room. As well as the usual streaming services from the likes of Spotify and Deezer with radio from TuneIn, there is a central music server that automatically syncs with the server in London, so the client’s music is always available and up to date.

For TV in the house, French satellite television is available with local boxes in rooms as well as streaming services from Netflix and Amazon. The main living room has a pop-up TV, all the equipment is hidden inside the cupboard, and the system is controlled by a Control4 all-in-one remote. You simply select what you want to watch, and the controller takes care of the rest. This room also has a surround sound system, again using ceiling speakers, for an immersive viewing experience.

CCTV was an important factor for this client as the property is closed up for some of the year and being able to keep an eye on the house from anywhere in the world is a must. The owner can easily check the CCTV on an app on a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, we have configured the system for motion sensing in key areas. If movement is detected, the owners are alerted by push notification.

As with any system we install, we also offer remote monitoring and maintenance. Using our dedicated remote server, we monitor all the systems in the house and in the unlikely event of an issue, we are alerted and can log in and see what the problem is. Using remote power management we can reset key components, which gets everything back on track in the vast majority of cases.

We can also remotely upgrade firmware and keep things up to date. When a wireless access point was damaged following a small pool leak, we were able to configure a replacement in our workshop, post it out to the maintenance electrician, to simply replace, in true plug and play fashion.

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